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Hemingway Voyant Project

Whoever coined the term, “A man of few words”, could have been describing Hemingway. Famous for his short stories, Hemingway’s writing seems simplistic in nature but is often very symbolic. For instance one of his most famous short stories “Hills Like White Elephants” is just a few pages long and the central conflict is never even mentioned. It’s only through… Read more →

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Hemingway Final

Emotions related to Weather in All Texts Using MicroSearch and comparing three different types of weather – sunny, cloudy, and rainy – sunny is the most prevalent as well as consistent weather throughout all of Hemingway’s texts. When looking at emotional words – happy, sad, and angry – happy also appears the most throughout his texts. […] Read more →

Death in Flashbacks

Though Hemingway’s writing style can seem a bit cold and removed, many of his short stories focus on great adventures and romances. Yet notably these exiting deeds are generally over before Hemingway chooses to start his story. Although we rarely get glimpses into the minds of his characters, Hemingway does offer some flashbacks in his story in order to orient… Read more →

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Ambiguity in Hemingway

  Hemingway writes about post-war life and disillusionment with the world. His short stories, however, often involve inner conflicts and friction between two people. In most of his stories, his characters have trouble with their relationships. In two of his short stories, “The Sea Change” and “Hills like White Elephants”, Hemingway creates a scene filled with little background knowledge or… Read more →

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