Author: Nicholas She

Close Readings of Hemingway?

Before reading the short stories for class, the only Hemingway I’d read was The Old Man and the Sea which, much like middle school, left me feeling sad, dejected, and just a little bit lonely. Which is probably pretty indicative of my expectations for these short stories. In any case, I found these short stories difficult to read, […] Read more →

Mrs. Beast

It would seem that Carol Ann Duffy was much less satisfied with the initial state of “Mrs. Beast” than with “Lovesick”, going through multiple revisions. She composes it stanza by stanza (reasonable given the poem seems to build on itself) with earlier stanzas receiving less and less revisions further along. The first stanza sets the […] Read more →


Carol Ann Duffy’s poem “Lovesick” describes someone finding and being enchanted by an apple. Interestingly, Duffy’s available drafts of the poem are not very different from her final revision, the most significant change being ‘have to of-‘ (presumably ‘have to offer’) into ‘calling about’. “Lovesick” is an extremely symbolic poem and can be interpreted in […] Read more →

Sexy by Jhumpa Lahiri

“Sexy” by Jhumpa Lahiri follows Miranda as she immerses herself in both Indian culture and as a mistress of a married man. Miranda strikes me as a rather vacant person to start: she’s woefully ignorant of geography, almost apathetic of her colleague’s family troubles, and eager to start a relationship with a married man. However, she […] Read more →