Author: Abby Schreiber

Hemingway Final

Emotions related to Weather in All Texts Using MicroSearch and comparing three different types of weather – sunny, cloudy, and rainy – sunny is the most prevalent as well as consistent weather throughout all of Hemingway’s texts. When looking at emotional words – happy, sad, and angry – happy also appears the most throughout his texts. […] Read more →

House of Leaves Response

I’m not sure how I feel about House of Leaves so far. As a horror-movie enthusiast, I live for these creepy happenings occurring throughout the Navidson household. I’m actually picturing The Navidson Record to be fairly similar to one of my all-time-favorite movies, Paranormal Activity. While I don’t think the entirety of the supernatural within the house has revealed itself yet, […] Read more →

Dies Natalis in MARBL

“Dies Natalis” was by far my absolute favorite poem in Selling Manhattan. The poem’s general themes parallel with many others in the book, but the form and narration of “Dies Natalis” are different from anything I’ve ever read before. The poem followed a simple dramatic monologue form and Duffy chooses four unique, but surprisingly similar characters to narrate each segment […] Read more →

Little Red Cap in MARBL

Throughout The World’s Wife, Duffy embraces a traditional, well-known story or myth and gives it a modern, fresh feel. Among the range of poems that fall under this trend is “Little Red-Cap”. This piece completely transforms the sweet, innocent Little Red Riding Hood from the original fairytale into a powerful, assertive woman. And while the Wolf is evil […] Read more →

Carol Ann Duffy: The World’s Wife and Her Reading

Duffy’s poetry is fascinating to me. As an English major, I’ve always struggled to connect to the poems that come up in class (mostly because the poems are almost always from centuries ago). Her writing is pleasantly refreshing, especially after hearing it from Duffy herself. Her unique sense of humor combined with her storytelling voice both reveal a […] Read more →

Mrs. Dalloway Response

As the story has progressed, it has become more and more difficult to follow each character’s stream of consciousness. While this form of writing provides major insight into their innermost feelings, it makes it more challenging to form organized, accurate images of the characters. Peter’s questioning of his feelings for Clarissa at the beginning of … Continue reading Mrs. Dalloway Response Read more →