Hemingway’s Style

At the conclusion of “Hills Like White Elephants”, I considered what operation the couple could possibly be arguing about. Even though Hemingway intentionally does not include any concrete details to guide the reader to any hard conclusions, one can make conjectures from the characters’ emotional responses in their dialogue. When the American man says, “I … Continue reading Hemingway’s Style Read more →

Vices and Vice-Versa

  In the story “The Sea Change,” the man and his choice of the words “vices” and “virtue” to describe the woman he is affected me the strongest. All three of the short stories feature characters and their struggle with the concept of vice and virtues. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” feature a troubled young man who is unable to… Read more →

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Close Readings of Hemingway?

Before reading the short stories for class, the only Hemingway I’d read was The Old Man and the Sea which, much like middle school, left me feeling sad, dejected, and just a little bit lonely. Which is probably pretty indicative of my expectations for these short stories. In any case, I found these short stories difficult to read, […] Read more →