Neuromancer Blog #1

Thus far in reading Neuromancer, it is very clear that this world is extremely reliant on technology. Since Case has had his abilities taken away for undermining his employer, he seems extremely lost in a world that solely operates through technology. Case is nothing now that he is not the well-known hacker he was in the past.  When reading I was constantly amazed the by the use of technology. For example when Case is with Armitage and Molly, they were able to look at his “profile” and through the use of technology predict that within a year Case would need a new pancreas. Also, that fact that Armitage was able to completely repair Case’s Nervous system, illustrates just how progressive this society is in its medical abilities, which is directly related to technology.

I also found it interesting that because technology is such a vital component of this society, that Case is willing to do whatever re-enter this technological world. All of his abilities were taken away after undermining his employer and he becomes miserable, but is still willing to do work with Molly and undermine Armitage, with the possibility of similar consequences in the end. Yet, Case barely hesitates enters this world all over again. I think that with technology Case feels safe, even if he could potentially be caught. Because when Case was without his hacking abilities he was extremely paranoid that Wage would kill him. He is asking around seeing if the rumor is true and he even buys a weapon.  In my opinion, this signifies somewhat of how we are in society when it comes to technology. Case was lost without his abilities through technology. Similarly, when our technology is not working properly we tend to get anxious, wanting everything to work. We feel as if we are missing out on social media sites when our phones or our computers are not on. We may not be as paranoid as Case was, but I do believe there is a sense of a paranoia when our technology is not readily available that way we would prefer it to be at all times.

  1. I appreciate that you’re bringing the novel back to us, Mariah. I’m not entirely sure that we can say that our nervousness about a phone not working is the same as Case being worried about Wage putting a price on his head, however, as we don’t know that Case’s paranoia is related to technology in any way.

    I think a clue to Case’s behavior and willingness to work with Armitage can be found in Molly’s declaration that people do what they are (50). What do you think?

  2. I also found the extensive use of technology interesting. Another example is how Case is able to experience life through Molly’s eyes. This was all done by a piece of stolen technology. Here, technology has taken over telepathy.

  3. Technology is involved in every aspect of our lives. Children use computers for entertainment or homework, young adults use them to access the social media and for schoolwork, and adults use them to handle important business. Like Mariah has stated, people sometimes feel lost without their computers, cellphones or other technological devices. I agree based on my personal experience. When my phone is out of battery or I forget it at home, I feel a little lost in the sense that if I need to contact someone I will not. In addition, if I need to locate an address I will not be able to do so either. Technology has become a part of many of our daily lives and some feel the urge to need it more than others!

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