Not just a cigar

The House comes to symbolize a million things at once. One of which is the speculation that the internal structure of the House fluctuates and changes based on the person and his experience of the House: a kind of architectural Rorschach Test, so to speak. This is a clear parallel between the House of Leaves and the House. From page 246 to 252,… Read more →

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The Labyrinth

After going through the second portion of The House of Leaves, something that really stood out to me was the idea of the labyrinth within The Navidson Record. So we know enough now to understand that we’re not dealing with a simple hallway, but rather an intricate maze, aka a labyrinth. On page 113, Zampano […] Read more →

The Irony of House of Leaves

The second chunk of assigned reading for “House of Leaves” significantly differed from the first in terms of complexity. When I started to read the book, I tried to just attain a system of reading the two different passages by Navidson and Johnny. However, when I sat down to continue my reading this time, I was bombarded with various boxes, rotated font, and font that was red and scratched out…. Read more →