Adding Photos to Google Earth

It’s not hard to take pictures from Google Earth and save them to your own map.

Find a Photo

Make sure you’ve got the “Photos” layer turned on.


Save Photo to “My Places”


Right-click on the photo you want and choose “Save to My Places.”

Open Photo Placemark


Now you will see the photo in your places. If you click on the title of the place or its icon on the map, you’ll get the pop-up information from Panoramio.

Unfortunately, Panoramio has made it harder to edit the text that appears around the photo. And as you know from your assignment, you need to post relevant page numbers and descriptions for each point of interest on your map. So here’s a workaround.

Start by clicking on the image in this placemark. Clicking will open the web page within Google Earth.


You can see the URL on top of the screen (1), but it will just be easier to click the “Open in Browser” button (2).

Get the Photo’s URL From Your Browser


Right-click on the photo and choose “Copy Image Location,” if using Firefox. In Chrome, you will choose “Copy Image URL,” and in Safari you choose “Copy Image Address.” (If you’re using Internet Explorer, there is no help for you in this life or the one to come.) This command will copy the photo’s URL into your clipboard.

Edit the Placemark


Switch back to Google Earth, and begin editing your placemark by right-clicking and choosing “Get info” or “Properties.”


Erase all of the text from within the Description window.


Then type <img src=”XXX”>, and replace the XXX with the URL of the picture that you copied from your browser. Click “OK” to save your work.

Check Your Placemark


If everything’s worked correctly, you should have just the image showing up within the placemark.

Add Additional Text to your Placemark


Now that this is working, you can add additional text, such as descriptions. Begin new paragraphs with <p> and end them with </p>. You’ll notice that I’ve still given credit to the photographer and included a link to the image that I’m using. You must do this.

Check Your Work (Again)


Click on your placemark one more time to make sure that everything looks correct.

Getting Photos Elsewhere

As you may have noticed, this approach does not require you to get your photos from within Google Earth. You can use any photo you can find through Flickr, a Google Image Search, or any other place. Just grab the URL by right-clicking.

It is important to give credit to the photographer in all cases, linking back to the original image.