Digital pedagogy outside the classroom

If others are interested, I’d love to spend some time talking about ways that we can (or could, or already do) incorporate digital pedagogy methods not just to teach students in the classroom, but also to “teach” our colleagues or other non-students. As someone in the alt-academic world, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways that most of us teach people every day, even outside of formal classes. There’s a generosity of spirit on Twitter, for instance, that has helped me to learn a great deal from informal conversations. It strikes me that part of this kind of teaching involves helping others to feel more comfortable in various digital environments so that we can collectively shift toward new standards and innovations. What are some strategies you use in peer-to-peer instruction? Are formal structures ever helpful for that kind of thing, or is the informal give-and-take of people seeking and offering advice part of what makes it work? What are some of the resources you draw on most frequently, and how can we make them stronger?

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