Cause of Indifference

Indifference and atrocity are often driven by some degrees of disappointment, which, in this story, are caused by betrayal and unwillingness. In this week blog post, people discuss how emotionless and cruel Molly and Case are towards their works, relationship, and daily life. In my opinion, the two of them are simply too overwhelmed by trying to survive in the harsh world. Molly and Case, as a muscle and a cowboy, are basically nobody, since they need monetary help from another powerful and wealthy source. Although Molly and Case are labeled as heartless criminal, behind the coldness, they are just two individuals who exerted all their strength and attention on this survival game.

It is obvious that there are some emotional segments deep in Molly’s mind, but she decides to constrain her feeling after everything she has gone through. For example, Molly reveals to Case how she killed the senator because he used her as a killing weapon, and this is one of the reasons Molly distrusts others. Another personal story of her is how she once cared about Johnny but never bother to care about anyone again after Johnny’s death. She admits, “never much found anybody I gave a damn about, after that.” (Gibson 178) However, she has slowly gained some mental attachment to Case ever since they met. Also, she tells Case that he is similar to Johnny in some ways that they both “Guess you’re kinda like what he was. Think you’re born to run.” (Gibson 179)

For Case, in return, he did not disclose Kolodny’s real identity as Molly to the Turing, and it is a mutual support between Molly and him. His indifference is reached due to an exhaustion to anger and care. Case can feel his anger, which is undeniable a kind of emotion. He certainly has a sense of responsibility and feeling to Molly, and he is not going to leave Molly alone when Maelcum and Armitage are trying to get away. “[he] found his anger again, real as a shard of hot rock beneath his ribs… ‘I stayin’ right here.'” (Gibson 192) His anger is also somewhat related to Linda, who took care of him and stayed together for a while. He also admits that he has become numb for many years already. He tries to conceal his inner thought and desire. “It’s the meat talking, ignore it.” (Gibson 152) Case is not emotionless; he is just trying to hide his weakness.

Although it’s hard to define the relationship between Molly and Case as love or simply just reliance and needs, they definitely care about each other and reveal their emotion occasionally. From the two, I notice that indifference is sometimes associated with disappointment in life. Behind people’s seemingly coldness, there are compassion and enthusiasm that are under their eagerness to survive.