Suggested Topics

Some topics on digital pedagogy that may appeal to our attendees include the following:

1. What are some sample digital pedagogy assignments that have worked in the classroom?

2. What are some key technologies or applications that work well for beginners to digital pedagogy?

3. What are some of the key texts/sources for digital pedagogy?

4. Is digital pedagogy always good or always bad? Should all assignments/curricula be “updated” to incorporate the digital?

5. What is the role of digital pedagogy in connection with graduate students?

6. Does all pedagogy need to be digital?

7. When does digital pedagogy fail, and why?

8. Who else can we learn from? Composition has had a long history with “digital pedagogy” (see Computers and Writing conference and the Kairos journal), yet it has rarely been credited with the use of this term. How is digital pedagogy linked to instructional pedagogy?