Exploring Duffy’s Poetry in Voyant

If you want to get a head start on exploring The World’s Wife and Mean Time in Voyant, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Choose one of the different tools from Voyant.
  2. Read about how the tool works by clicking on “more documentation.”
    Tools | Hermeneuti ca  The Rhetoric of Text Analysis 1
  3. Click on “use it” when you’re ready to start doing the analysis. The screen you’re taken to will look like this:
    Voyant Tools Reveal Your Texts 1
  4. Paste one of the following URLs for the text that you want to analyze into the text box:
    • Mean Time: http://briancroxall.net/duffy/MeanTime.txt
    • World’s Wife: http://briancroxall.net/duffy/worlds_wife.txt
    • Both volumes together: http://briancroxall.net/duffy/DuffyPoemsFullText.txt
  5. Click “reveal.”
  6. Sit back and think about what you’re seeing.

If you’re interested in thinking about Duffy’s poetry as a whole, using the full text of both volumes combined is the choice you want. If you want to compare MT and TWW, you should consider using two different browser tabs so you can switch back and forth between what you’re seeing.

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