I’m the Digital Humanities Strategist in the Robert W. Woodruff Library and Lecturer of English at Emory University. In this position, I’m helping to establish Emory’s new, Mellon Foundation-sponsored Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS). Along with developing and managing digital scholarship projects in collaboration with faculty, graduate students, librarians, developers, and more, I teach courses in the English department, including “Introduction to Digital Humanities” and work to integrate digital technologies into the whole of the library. My interests in the digital humanities include visualizing geospatial and temporal data as well as integrating digital approaches into pedagogy. I finished my Ph.D at Emory University in 2008, investigating the relationships between technology, media, and psychological trauma. After that, I taught taught modern and contemporary American literature as well as courses on media studies, digital culture, and war fiction for a year at Emory and another year at Clemson. Following that, I was Emory’s first CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Emerging Technologies Librarian. Somewhere in there, I found time to co-edit a journal issue on the subject of steampunk, edit a cluster at #Alt-Academy, and the group blog ProfHacker. I am an elected member of the Executive Council of the MLA and the Association for Computers and the Humanities. I use Twitter on occasion.

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Announcing Like Clockwork

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Assignments and Architecture: Pedagogy in the Digital Age

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Announcing the Open Peer Review of My “Failure”

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It’s Open Access Week! Have an Essay I Wrote!

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